#22 for Dave Bernabo

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Above is a link to Dave’s first recording with the double neck just a few days after picking it up from my studio.


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Hellablaster prototype #2

The body is made from reclaimed cedar and the neck is made of reclaimed maple with 12 inch radius rosewood fretboard. Hipshot bridge, vintage Gotoh tuning heads, Hallmark single coil pickup and Yamaha P90 sized humbucker. Beneath the pickguard is a soil map of an area in western PA that was printed 100 years ago.

Production versions of this guitar will feature Hipshot hardware and Nordstrand pickups. Available in a slightly textured solid color matte finish or natural wood finish.

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Racer Jr. Prototype

Originally called “The Green Machine” and now know as the Racer Jr.

This little guy stumbled back into my studio battered and bruised and got completely reworked. After the new textured finish and black/white/black headcap were added, this one really came back to life.

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OZMA in the press!



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“20” for Rich Bess

Here are a few shots before final hand sanding and finish details.

This one will be finished in a see-through nuclear green!

Won’t be long now!!!

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OZMA Racer

UPDATE: Jan 18, 2012


I’m working on a special project right now for Steve Borne, the guitarist for Princess Racer and sound guru for some great films and television shows.

Right now I’m keeping alot of it under wraps, but here are a few pieces of info: The body is styled after The Green machine featured on my blog and made out of mahogany (painted in a fantastic glitter green color) and will sport a full rosewood neck and tremolo bridge. Some of the bells and whistles are still undecided, but Steve and I will figure all of that out soon.

Big thanks again to Steve for giving me this fantastic project!

Here’s an up date on the Ultra Green Machine (now dubbed the OZMA Racer).

Since there are different shades of green glitter applied, the color can vary due to angle of view, lighting or surrounding colors. In normal lighting it looks much less yellow than what the photos show. It’s pretty wild, and possibly not the final coat of glitter. Steve wanted bigger, chunkier glitter- but after this step I had to stop to get his opinion on going further since it’s already amazing! I’m trying my hardest to complete this in time to play at a special show this Halloween.

It’s also time to decide on the controls and their placement- we still haven’t decided if there will be a science kit of knobs and switches or just a simple volume control and a single pickup selector. The plastic oval pickups surrounds are being made now and I plan on having them available to order online soon.


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Wooden Rainbow

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