Mystery amplifier

I have no idea what this is. I was told by my friend Ian who gave it me that it was built by an old guy and his father in the late 50’s/early 60’s and was used as a guitar amplifier for a few decades and then stored in a garage. It sounded great up until i started messing with the bias control in the back and blew something out. Hopefully Dave can get this back in action when he has a look at it.


Mission accomplished!

Dave took the amplifier apart and reconfigured into something amazing!

Not only did he replace a few dead capacitors, he also reworked the entire thing with his own design that was loosely based on some of the famous Dumble amplifiers. It sounds fantastic now. It’s roughly 60 watts and incredibly loud and clean when cranked. I haven’t turned it up any higher than 4 so far and i even play with one of the loudest drummers in Pittsburgh! A huge thumbs up to Dave for turning something that sat in someone’s garage for decades into a wonderful amp. I’ll post some new pictures soon to show all of the added controls he installed. A very versatile monster!

Here’s a video Dave put together after he changed out the bias pot and beefed up the fuse.

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