The worst thing ever- Mr. Horrible

I was asked by a friend recently to create an instrument to be used as a movie prop. “Make it the worst thing ever!”, he said. It’s not very often that an artist or instrument builder gets a request to do their worst and probably most would’ve passed on the chance. I jumped since i have a studio filled with random items pulled from the trash pile to reuse for many purposes. The main body of this THING was once part of a barn floor!

Here’s Mr. Horrible on his way to becoming a bombast machine- more to follow.


May 25, 2010

The beast is complete…completely horrible. I finished it up last night and took it for a spin tonight after work. Not only does this look ugly, it sounds ugly! De-tuned bass strings rumble likeĀ flatulence, the high strings wheeze and groan through the bacon frying sound of single coil pickups. Perfect!

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7 Responses to The worst thing ever- Mr. Horrible

  1. Lisa says:

    Mr. Horrible = Mr. Awsome!

  2. is this movie prop for a Tim Burton movie? it looks like it can be.

  3. Lisa says:

    I hope Mr. Horrible likes his new home.

  4. That guitar makes me want to start smoking cigarettes, sickmaking. The crooked frets are sweet. Give me a needle, oh.

  5. Dave says:

    That is great. I really like the random fret placement.

  6. jordan says:


  7. Mike B says:

    Its a thing of beauty! I’d love to have heard what it sounded like! Is it too late to post a video? or has it already gone to the movie shoot – HEY! What Movie? At least that way I can watch for it!

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