A while ago a friend of mine contacted me and asked me to build a guitar for her husband for his birthday.

Bam! Here it is! #12 is a semi-hollow walnut bodied monster that sounds like a chorus of angels- it should since the body wood was salvaged from a local church. The tremolo is from the 1960’s, but left unused until now and also includes a string trough body option. Just send a few strings through the trem and the rest through the body and it acts as a fake B bender giving some nice pedal steel sounds.

I really need to get into the swing of taking progress photos! There are alot of unusual things about this instrument and wish i had captured them as they were happening. One of the really cool things was how the body was constructed- it was done in two halves and joined together after they were hollowed out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had a blast making this one and the new owner is having a blast with it.

Happy Birthday Dave!

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One Response to #12

  1. Kenny says:

    Stumbled across your site. Felt I had to write to tell you that your instruments look amazing. If they sound as good as they look – and I’m sure they do – it won’t be long until they are as famous and as well used as the big makers.

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