The Wooden Rainbow

I’ve been busy in the OZMA factory pumping out some new instruments for April’s GA/GI Festival, all handcrafted from a rainbow of reclaimed woods. This is quite a diverse group of instruments and each one-of-a-kind piece has been constructed with an assortment of materials.

I’m a collector, and one of the things I love to collect is wood. It might be the shape or color that inspires me to take it home and turn it into something else. Purchasing an antique dining table at a junk shop, I imagined a handful of unique, multi-layered guitar bodies like the Alembic and Moonstone guitars I drooled over as a teenager. A local church was torn down and its walnut planks ended up in a salvage yard. I bought as much as I could since it was well over 100 years old and rang like a bell when struck. Somewhere in the OZMA studio is a wooden wine box from Paris which will most likely end up in an instrument with a French theme, mimes and all.

I collect other things too. When I purchased a polyester jacket with a photographic print of birds I thought, “this would make the wildest guitar covering.” A 1950’s cafeteria tray made the perfect control panel for another instrument. I used a piece of horn from a deer that was shot in Salamanca, New York by my grandfather in the 1940’s, fashioning it into an adjustable bridge. Cast-off knobs and parts from antique machines are rescued by me from the junk pile and given new life as functional art.

Here’s a sneak peek of Wooden Rainbow. Each guitar is available for purchase until marked on the page. For more information, please contact  jeffschreckengost [at] gmail [dot] com.

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2 Responses to The Wooden Rainbow

  1. Lisa says:

    The photos in the window look awesome. I love the logo too!

  2. jschreckengost says:

    I’ll be taking these out of the store front windows in just a few days and they’ll all be for sale. Send me an email (jeffschreckengost AT for pricing-or make an offer/suggest a trade. There are alot of new instruments i’d like to build for you, but these must go first!

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