The Hellablaster is for sale. Contact me for more information.

You may recognize The Hellablaster. I borrowed the shape from the ever-popular Fender Telecaster©, but decided to elongate it and add curves where they’re needed. Telecasters are cool, but oh so boxy. There’s just something so unsexy about its squared-off plank of a body. The Hellablaster takes on a cartoonish form, losing all of those hard edges and extra weight.

The body is constructed from the sides of a gigantic vintage radio console. First, I cut the shape into halves, hollowed them out except for a space under the bridge, then rejoined them to create a warm, open sound. Don’t worry about the mostly-hollow body being flimsy – there’s a purpleheart support beam that runs from the neck pocket to underneath the bridge.

Another notable feature of this guitar is the pickups and wiring. Hidden under the aluminum pickguard is a full-sized humbucking pickup, an experiment which involved combining coils and magnets from old pickups. The bridge position features a dual coil Telecaster pickup. There’s no pickup selector switch, but a volume control for each pickup  (the bridge pickup also has a tone control). Lots of strange phasing and tonal shaping happens by adjusting the knobs a bit, similar to Fender Jazz Bass controls.

The 21-fret  maple neck with brass nut and vintage Gotoh tuning machines was purchased in a raw state from another luthier and shaped by me. Everything from the sting of a Telecaster single coil to the thick wooly roar of a vintage humbucker can be had here.


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4 Responses to Hellablaster

  1. kim rullo says:

    your guitars just keep getting better and better!

  2. kim rullo says:

    indeed. are you going to expand into the bass guitar realm? i may be be down with that as well.

  3. jonlevymusic says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Love your work!! I got lost on the internet and came out on the other side to your site. I’m digging how unique each of your guitars are. Keep up the fantastic work. You have a new fan, and I look forward to playing and owning a Schreckengost one day!

    – Jon

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