Birds of Paradise

Conversion instruments are fun for me and the sky is the limit when it comes to these. I had my wild, hippie musician friend Jim Lingo in mind when I created this one.
Jim, a member of the local band Centipede E’est,  likes nature and polyester fashion, so I stretched a ‘70’s polyester bird print shirt over the reshaped body and neck and encased it all in epoxy resin.
I created a new pick guard from a sheet of Plexiglas and fixed another piece of the polyester bird fabric to the underside of it to continue the bird theme.
Not everything went as planned — after all this was an experiment. Any space that had a seam or wrinkle in it was covered with bird photos from a used nature guidebook and covered in a another layer of resin. This guitar turned out much weirder and wilder than I expected.
Birds of Paradise is being offered up to Jim first, but if he lets this one fly away – catch it!


Jim has taken this lovely beast home and plans to unleash the birds for the first time this coming Saturday night.

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5 Responses to Birds of Paradise

  1. Anthony Harvey says:

    Nice. Did the original body and neck belong to a Strat, then? I like the idea of having unnecessary parts of my Strat chiseled away . . .

    • jschreckengost says:

      Anthony- I can’t even remember what this was in an earlier life. Kind of Strat-ish, kind of Jazzmaster-ish. The body on this weighed a ton and removing alot of the wood really brought it down to a nice weight and reshaping really helped balance the instrument. If you’re interested, i could re work your Strat (or just the body)- I’m up for any challenge!

  2. isaacrullo says:

    Prince would have so owned this guitar. Words cannot express my lust for this one.

  3. Alejandro Feeetz says:

    Another beauty. Call me next monday and I will give you those flame maple tops. Then we can enjoy and discuss 8 string bass project. Keep up the great work.

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