Barry began his life quite confused.

He was born as a ten-string electric guitar, the strings in courses, like a twelve-string.

He liked the fact that he was unusual, but found himself wandering around the studio, wondering why no one would play with him.

People gawked and pointed at him, some even laughed. Musicians were intimidated by him.”How can I play my favorite riffs?” they cried.

The point with Barry was to make something familiar, yet alien.  Some OZMA instruments are created as a songwriting tool rather than a conventional instrument. Play for an hour on an oddly- tuned, multi-stringed guitar and you’re bound to come up with some new ideas to freshen up your own playing.

But let’s get back to the story of Barry.

One day a baritone Warmoth guitar neck walked into the studio. Barry took notice to her lovely dark wenge exterior. Exotic, natural and smooth. “The perfect mate for me!” Barry exclaimed.
They courted for several months and were united. A perfect match!

Since things were going so well for the happy couple, Barry and his new partner decided to splurge a little and get some nice new things. A Hallmark bridge and vibrato unit styled after some Mosrite classics were added, as well as some vintage pickups. The bridge position pickup is a late ’70’s high output Bill Lawrence designed for bass guitar and the neck position pickup is  a ’70’s Mighty Mite clone of DiMarzio’s “Super Distortion.” It really let’s them shout out to the world about their deep and beefy love.

UPDATE: R.I.P.- Barry. He was fantastic, but no one wanted to take him home. As a result, he was taken apart again and turned into a different Baritone guitar for my pal Will and I used the body to finally construct a guitar for myself. Those entries will be posted soon- and probably tagged onto this post. It’s fun to see the evolution of different instruments.

Remember- All of the instruments I post are for sale. Act fast before they turn into something else!

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One Response to Barry

  1. Lisa says:

    Not only is the guitar awesome, but so is Barry’s story. Love this!

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