The Green Machine

The Green Machine’s small size, light weight and highly-sculpted space age stylings make it perfect for intergalactic travel, or any other travel for that matter. This one uses an uncommon wood for the back – cypress. I chose this for its light weight and its ability to be easily sculpted. This was matched with a hard maple top and chambered out a bit to give it a warmer, more open tone. You may expect something like this to have lots of switches and knobs, but this guitar is stripped down to the essentials. The single DiMarzio X2N pickup really turns this one into a rock monster and a variety of sounds can be had by adjusting the volume and tone controls as well as the pickup phase switch.

This little guy was lent to an experimental musician who played it with drum sticks. It took alot of abuse and is back in my possession and is being offered for sale as a used instrument.

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