Wooden Rainbow

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5 Responses to Wooden Rainbow

  1. TDP Posse says:

    html quirk on the http://modernformations.com/ link….

  2. Tom Erba says:

    Hi Jeffrey!
    Wow – I found your work indirectly through Scott French. I’m Shot! Beautiful!
    Can I talk to you about your availability to build me a custom headless guitar?
    Jeffrey. Wow. Amazing!

    • jschreckengost says:

      Tom, I’d love to build you a headless guitar- mostly to hear the music you’ll make with it! Contact me and we’ll take it from there!

  3. mike kerwin says:

    Hello, your guitars are more beautiful than I know how to say. Im just getting really into liking guitars with natural wood finish and the wooden rainbow is beautiful the way you can see the different color layers of wood! How much would the wooden rainbow go for or, if already sold, how much to build something similar? Thanks!

  4. jschreckengost says:

    This guitar is for sale. Contact me at jeffschreckengost@gmail for more info.

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